I am a Los Angeles native (I know, pretty rare, huh?)! I am a photographer and storyteller. I am a wife to my best friend and a mama to our baby boy Parker and the smushiest French Bulldog, named Dunken. If you were to ask my friends to say 3 things about me, they would probably say I'm obsessed with hot sauce, pineapples, and donuts. They might also say I'm caring, laid-back, and goofy. But I think the donut thing is probably most important, right?

I'm an LA native, an adventurous SoCal + destination photographer, a new mama, and OBSESSED with pineapples + donuts.



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You can find me working from my home office in Culver City with my French Bulldog snoring loudly on my lap or at the beach with my baby Parker watching my hubby surf! I LOVE traveling to new cities and countries any chance I get. I also love doing ridiculous DIY projects. I want to build and craft everything! Home Depot is my happy place. Any free weekend I get, my husband and I love adding new plants to our home which is turning into a jungle. I love all tropical plants because I'm obsessed with Hawaii... Ok, sorry Home Depot, I take it back- Hawaii is my happy place.

I have been a storyteller my whole life. From throwing on crazy costumes to entertain my family to picking up a camera for the first time, I've always known storytelling was my passion! I am a wife to my rock, my goofy dance partner, my best friend. I am a mama to Parker and doggy mommy to Dunken and am constantly chasing both of them around yelling "YOU'RE SO CUTE LET ME SQUEEZE YOU!!"... true story.

Most importantly, I give all my clients my heart and soul. From beginning to end, I'm there for all the texts, all the questions, to hold their hand, whatever they need from me, they've got it! I leave each wedding with forever friends and that is one of my favorite parts of my business. 





I get it, a stranger holding a big camera in front of your face can be totally awkward. That's why I love getting to know my couples so you'll feel like I'm just another friend there on your big day! We'll feel like we're just hanging out and having fun during your engagement session and wedding day portraits. I work quickly and efficiently and can adapt to any situation. My bags are packed and I am always down to go on an adventure. Who's with me?

As a photographer, it is my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.



If you've been wanting to elope or just travel and have photos taken at any of these places, hit ya girl up! I'm also down to go to waaaay more places than this, so contact me if your dream city or country isn't on this list!

Greece, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Mozambique, Italy, Turks and Caicos, aaaanywhere tropical, Yosemite, any national park (I got an unlimited parking pass for them all, y'all), Hawaiian Islands, Tulum, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Spain, Utah

1. What's yoUR name?

My name is Tyler Chase Glass... I got married August 2018 and am still getting used to writing out my new last name but homegirl LOVES it (and I have lots of tips that'll help you change your name after you're married if that's what chur into).

2. What's your French Bulldog's name?

Dunken (he's like a Dunkin' Donut!)... I know I spelled his name wrong lol.

3. If you had to choose one food, what would it be?

a. donuts
b. pineapple
c. cheese
d. ________________________________

Can I pick all of them?????

4. Have you always been a photographer?

Yes! I fell in love with photography the second my hands got on a camera at 13! Before I became a professional photographer, I was a classical ballerina and actor! I've spent my whole life as a story teller and have spent A LOT of time in front of the camera so I love making my clients feel comfortable in front of my lens!

5. What's one of your favorite accomplishments?

I work with a non-profit called The Pablove Foundation who raises money for pediatric cancer research. I volunteer in their Shutterbugs program where I mentor and teach photography to children diagnosed with cancer. It gives these kiddos a sense of normalcy and a creative outlet during something that no one, let alone a child, should have to go through. I become so close with my mentees and I absolutely love being a part of the amazing program.

9. How would your friends describe you?

Goofy, silly, laid-back, + obsessed with pineapples.

6. What is your favorite state?

a. California
b. New York
c. Hawaii
d. ______________

I love them all but Hawaii is my favorite place ever!

7. What's your drink of choice?

a. Old Fashioned
b. Corona Light
c. Champagne
d. Margarita

8. What are you currently watching?

a. The Bachelor
b. Fixer Upper
c. The Office
d. Friends

10. How would you describe your husband?

My best friend, the person who keeps me sane, my partner in everything... also I think he's pretty pretty HOT!!

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